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Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Julie F.

 Rayn is such an amazing trainer! I met her more than two years ago and knew she would help me achieve my goals. 

Over the two years I had a few set backs and was unable to exercise. Rayn never gave up on me. She encouraged me and was so supportive then and now.

 I have become so strong physically and mentally. She never lets anybody say they "can't do it"...when I feel like giving up at anything I hear Rayn saying "YOU CAN DO IT JULIE".

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Steven M.

 Two years ago my wife dragged me to my first boot camp workout with Rayn.After the grueling 60 minutes of kettlebell swings, sprints, and burpees, I was hanging my head between my knees, desperately fighting the urge to throw up. 

While the workouts are still not completely devoid of struggle, I have developed much more confidence in keeping my lunch down. Rayn has been paramount in my fitness journey the past two years, creating an environment that is challenging, safe, fun, and welcoming to all personalities and fitness types.

 Words cannot describe the totality of what Rayn will do for her clients in order for them to achieve their goals.

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Susan M.

 Since I met Rayn and started working out in her fitness classes, boot camps and personal training sessions, I have never been happier and better shape my whole life and I’m 54 years old! 

She is the most motivating person I have ever met and her training in fitness and dance makes it sooo much fun! Not to mention all the great friendships I have made as well! Come join this group of amazing people and get on the train! You will be hooked for life!

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Jennifer E.

  I met Rayn when I 'stalked' her at Tumbleweed Rec Center. I approached her and asked if she was one of the trainers. She was so warm and kind and immediately encouraged me to come to a boot camp class. 

Fast forward a year plus later and what can I say. She is my trainer but more importantly she is now my friend. She has become one of the most impactful and influential people in my life. 

My body is transformed. 

I'm stronger physically and mentally. I have better balance and coordination. She's encouraging yet she knows exactly when and how she can push me to be the best I can be. I crave and look forward to every class and every workout with her even when I leave completely spent and dead. It's the best feeling ever. She has officially made me a bad ass.  

Sometimes in life you meet people that are doing exactly what they were meant to do. That's Rayn and I'm so grateful I found her! 

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Whitney H.

 Throughout my young adult life I always went to the gym because I felt I needed to. And I never viewed physical fitness as a part of my life. It was a chore. I was always an attempt to try to burn off what I ate and/or chasing some superficial body image goal. 

When I first worked out with Rayn, I dropped in on a class at Tumbleweed because I was bored with machines. After a year or so of randomly dropping in on her classes, something clicked, and I was addicted. Not long after that, I started to plan my schedule around her classes and making time to working out. 

Since then, Rayn has helped push me and my body to do things I didn't know it could do. She has taken the time to address a million questions about form, distance running, training schedules, and aches/pains. 

Her kindness and passion for what she does has created a group of people who have proven to be the most supportive and loving group of people I've ever encountered. Rayn and her fun-loving fitness family have made fitness a regular part of my life and, ultimately, helped me become a better version of me.

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Tom F.

 I've been a Type2 Diabetic for 20 some years now. For the most part, things have gone well. In 2015, things started falling off the rails. Blood tests were trending in the wrong direction.

My doctor started prepping by saying things like..."You're getting older, you've been on these meds for years and they may be losing their effectiveness." This was prepping for the likelihood I would need to switch to insulin injections.

Then I found Rayn’s Happy Hour Fitness in Chandler and started attending group fitness classes and eventually with some encouragement from the group, boot camp classes as well.

With Rayn's encouragement, I recently started a food journal to track what I eat. In less than 48 hours I had a pretty good idea that my diet was crap. I made some adjustments and my blood sugars have dropped further. 

Diabetes can be completely controlled with diet and exercise.

Someone asked how I stay motivated -- this family keeps me motivated.I was more than happy to write a review!

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Liza R.

 When I’m in one of your fitness classes, I look around and see that we are a quite a hodgepodge of folks. We are studying, working or retired. We have newborns and kids and we are empty-nesters. We are blondes and brunettes, sometimes with purples and blues. We are young and old (yes, I said the word). We are dancers and we can’t keep a beat. We are nice and sweet and we whine and cuss and want to come at you in the parking lot after class. 

We are quiet and we are loud. We are always there and we make it only when we can. We are always gung-ho and we have our days. We are light weights and we are heavy lifters.

I look around and see that we are all one and the same. We are all fitness beginners. Some of us have attended your classes for years, but the workouts are never easy. Each class is a challenge to oneself, a chance to be better than the last class. We are different after each #sesh. Calmer, happier, tougher. 


We are all motivators, intentional or otherwise. We see how others have become strong, and we too know that we will be strong one day. We coach and encourage each other. We compete with ourselves and dare one another. We inspire – amongst ourselves, and others who see how we are.

We are not just gym buddies, but we are friends. We watch over and help each other through life - our injuries (enough of these, I beg), our issues and heartbreaks, our joys and accomplishments. We grieve and celebrate. Always together.

You have a technique and style that transcends all our levels and contrasts – your exercises, your dance, your music. Your love and sincerity. And all these make us transcend our differences because of the culture of love and oneness that ONLY YOU CAN CREATE.

I am a better person because of you. You are my sanity pill. You are my insanity pill. 

I am grateful for you, Rayn

Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Sophia G.

  I want to first start this review by saying that Rayn is the most AWESOME person I have ever met! 

My husband has been training with Rayn at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center (TRC) located in Chandler, AZ for more than 3 years. After each session, he would always come home with positive feedback on how Rayn works on helping you to prove your health with the various exercises and core fitness classes. It has truly improved the quality of his life. He always says that he wished he knew Rayn when he played college and professional football, he would have been a better and stronger athlete--Rayn is the REAL DEAL!!!

I am a recent knee replacement recipient (less than a year), and needed some type of strength and core fitness training that was comparable to the physical therapy I received after surgery.  Rayn has provided me the same type of training and more (squats, hip bridges, strengthening, balance) that I received from my physical therapists. 

I started training with Rayn back in July 2019. At first, I was only going to classes once a week; I now train with Rayn 3 times a week.  I love, love, love Rayn, love, love, love her energy, her positivity, her fitness knowledge, her willingness to provide alternatives to the various exercises she teaches. I am grateful for her patience, encouragement and just her awesomeness!!!

If you are a member of the TRC, I would strongly encourage you to give Rayn a try; but mostly, I would recommend Happy Hour Fitness @ I do both and I am so happy I listened to my husband.  I am so proud to be a member of Rayn's team! 



Boot camp in Chandler AZ

Connie S.

 My journey of anxiety and depression has lasted over 2 years. I sat and worked all day at home in my pajamas eating left over funeral potatoes for months

Never exercised. Hate to sweat. Burpees and running??

While I have a small frame, I was terribly out of shape. Lots of counseling and medications for anxiety.

Got a fit bit and started to just move more. Got talked in to going to boot camp.

Was totally intimidated and scared. Thought there would be a bunch of young skinny hard bodies and I was scared.

I looked at the clock every 3 minutes....longest hour of my life for the first 3 times.

Then Rayn continued to support and compliment me. People in class  would encourage me.

I modified like nobody's business....sometimes just walking around the room to move while others were doing things I could never imagine doing.

2 weeks into coming to class I realized my anxiety had mysteriously disappeared....and it’s not roared its ugly head since November!