Personal Training

Rayn Hookala personal trainer in Chandler AZ


Personal training is a great option for any fitness level. Whether you’re just getting started on a fitness journey, recovering from an injury, seeking help with form, or ready to dive into elite-level training… personal training is right for you. 

Currently, 50-minute solo and duet sessions are offered. Rayn recommends training with a buddy, if possible. A duet session with a friend will instill camaraderie, provide accountability, and increase the fun factor. 


One-on-one attention from an educated, experienced, and nurturing personal trainer in Chandler, that will tailor the experience to your fitness goals, preferences, and personality. 


Rayn provides personal training sessions at Strive Physical Therapy, located at: 

4920 S. Gilbert Road, Suite #A4, Chandler, Arizona 85249 


Availability varies, but usually includes Saturday afternoons and/or Wednesday early afternoons. 


50 minute sessions

Solo: $65

Duet: $80 ($40/person)